Music Online Smileys/Emoticons

This is the official site with Music Online smileys and other Music Online related stuff.

As of today, Music Online supports some smileys but do you know all of them? No problem, here is the list:

Smiley Name Shortcut  
Smile :)    ;)    :-)    :=)
Grin :D    :-D    :=D
Blush :$    :-$    :=$
Kiss :*    :-*    :=*
Heart <3
Broken Heart <\3    </3
Tongueout :P    :-P    :=P
Lips sealed :X    :-X    :=X
Shock/Gasp :O    :-O    :=O
Worried :S    :-S    :=S
Sad :(    :-(    :=(
Crying :'('    ;'('
Sunglasses/Cool B|    B-)    B=)
Glasses/Nerd 8|    8-)    8=)
Call (call)
Hi/Hallo (hi)    (hallo)
Middlefinger (finger)
Wait (wait)
Giggle (giggle)
Yes (Y)    (y)
No (N)    (n)

Smiley shortcuts can be entered directly into the Status Update, Shout-Out, Comment and Message box, you can insert them alone or in the middle of other text, Music Online recognizes them in any place. You can also write more of them in the same line of text.

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